March Update

Hello all,

It has been a while, and I am truly sorry for not providing updates sooner and more regularly.

To be completely honest, I have postponed my “To-do” to write an update for weeks upon weeks now, and every time I did that it created even more guilt and dread about not providing any updates.

We must get back on track with the updates and having a blog in general, so this is the first step.

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Agile Meetup in Kyiv, Ukraine

Last Friday I had a phenomenal opportunity to join a meetup based in Kyiv, Ukraine. It was my first experience being the only remote presenter, and although it was challenging, I really enjoyed the experience and learned a ton. Let me tell you about it.

This August I was fortunate to attend Agile 2018 conference in San Diego, CA (thank you Allstate). It was my first experience at a professional conference and it was a truly great one. Many Scrum Masters and coaches struggle with an imposter syndrome and it was definitely my first time feeling “at home” with what I do for a living. I met a bunch of other agile professionals, learned a ton and also realized how little I really know. I will put together a separate post going over that experience.

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Week 16: October 1

Galyna had her 2nd PET scan last week, and today we got the results. Although Tara and I hoped that the 2nd tumor would be gone completely, we are told that although it has shrunk, it is still there. One thing they are not able to tell just based on the scan whether there still activity in the tumor or what the scan is showing are inactive remains.

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Week 10

Hello friends! I just realized that it has been over a month since we have posted an update. Time flies by quickly! 

August has been an awesome, yet busy month for us all. It all began with me taking a trip to San Diego for a work conference, and then meeting up with Tara and Galyna in Seattle for our family vacation in Seattle. As hard as it is to travel this far with a toddler it was a great time with family and a much needed break from our regular routine. 

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Week 5

As I write these, I realize there is an identical pattern to each of these posts (plus, I am no Hemingway!). Seeing how things are going, I would rather it continue in some sort of a routine, rather than a roller coast of events. Part of that pattern is to continuously be grateful.  Tara and I really appreciate everyone following up on Galyna’s progress and checking in on us. We cannot express our gratitude enough.

Yesterday Galyna had her 5th chemo session. Not to be a downer right from the start, but it was probably the worst session to date. We were so encouraged by how session #3 went, however, 4 and 5 did not follow the trend. We are told over and over that kids get used to it but we are not so sure at this point.

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Week 3

I want to start this post with gratitude: we have gotten more messages, phone calls, meals, things in the mail, and visits than we can count! Someone at Grandpa Tere’s work even made bracelets saying “Prayers 4 Galyna” and the entire staff is wearing them! Our family and friends have showered us with love and prayers. Thank you to everyone that has reached out and offered help and support. It would be impossible to do this alone. We are truly grateful for everything!

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Successful start

Today Galyna had her surgery to have the port implanted. It went very well and seeing her most definitely hurt us more than it did her.

After she woke up from anesthesia we went over to the oncology clinic. That’s where time dragged slow. Galyna had to get all her vitals re-checked (which of course she didn’t want), then her bandages and the port had to be examined and flushed with saline solution. Luckily, after all this waiting she eventually fell asleep and they were able to administer chemo while she was asleep!

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Baby G

Tara and I are asking for prayer. Our daughter Galyna has been diagnosed with a pretty rare disease called Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH). Although she has been a very healthy baby about 2 weeks ago she began limping and leaning forward, as well as waking up at night. This led us to visit All Children’s ER and later get admitted into the hospital. After a series of tests, including a biopsy, the doctors determined that she has 2 tumors on her spine that are caused by LCH.

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Challenge with online coding communities

I want to start this post by saying that I think the push behind teaching people to code is fantastic. The opportunity is there and I also think that that opportunity is not in working for someone else, but by being able to make something useful for humanity with your own 2 hands in the comfort of your home. This was not possible before the Internet.

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