Week 16: October 1

Hello everyone! Can’t believe it is October already. Costco already has lots of Christmas decorations out and we haven’t even had Halloween yet!

Coloring away while waiting for blood work to come back!

Galyna had her 2nd PET scan last week, and today we got the results. Although Tara and I hoped that the 2nd tumor would be gone completely, we are told that it has shrunk, but it is still there. One thing they are not able to tell us based on the scan is whether there is still activity in the tumor or if what the scan is showing are inactive remains.

It is definitely good news, as any reduction is positive news. Additionally, the doctors felt confident that Galyna is on the right track and thus they are not going to add any additional medications along with Vinblastine (her chemotherapy medication).

Galyna is also confused by recent Manchester United performances..

So going forward Galyna will have a chemo once every 21 days. She will have chemo and daily steroids during the same week, and then have a 2 week break from everything. This schedule will continue until about July of next summer. Although that seems like such a long time away, I’m sure it will arrive before we even notice.

G is doing very well overall. Her hair continues to grow and is full of crazy curls. Her energy levels are great and there isn’t much she would rather do than being outside. To our delight she is picking up more and more words, including “oh gosh”; we do wish she ate and slept better, but I guess what parent doesn’t?? :-D

When we originally started the process we were told that kids do eventually get adjusted to this routine and do much better at the hospital. Parents with multiple kids will tell you about how adaptable kids really are, but it is tough to take it easy with your first one. So needless to say we were skeptical.

However, G has definitely gotten better! She still doesn’t like having her port accessed and de-accessed, but she is definitely doing better in every other area. And with time we picked up some tricks that are working every week, which definitely helps.

Again, thank you everyone for reading these posts, reaching out to us and supporting us!

Jaxon Baumgard

This week Tara learned about a son of a women she went to high school with. His name was Jaxon Baumgard, 5 years old, and he has been battling Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, for about 3 years. Jaxon passed away on Saturday.

Jaxon really loved the holiday season. Since the time left with him was very limited, the family pulled out all of their Christmas decorations early, and the entire town pitched in to have a Halloween for Jaxson. You can read and watch about it here.

Although Tara wasn’t close with Jaxons mom, we are both very devastated to learn about this. When Galyna was admitted to ACH and tumors were discovered Ewing’s sarcoma was a potential diagnosis that we were given.

The Baumgard family lives in the Denver area and could definitely use prayers. Please join us as we lift them up.