Week 10

Hello friends! I just realized that it has been over a month since we have posted an update. Time flies by quickly! 

August has been an awesome, yet busy month for us all. It all began with me taking a trip to San Diego for a work conference and then meeting up with Tara and Galyna in Seattle for our family vacation in Seattle. As hard as it is to travel this far with a toddler it was a great time with family and a much-needed break from our regular routine.

The biggest news of August for us were PET scan results. It took a bit longer for them to come back than we expected, but all that didn’t matter once we learned that one of the tumors was completely *GONE*, and the 2nd one responded to the treatment as well. I can’t describe the feeling of relief that Tara and I shared over the phone. Our hope was that at least treatments will stop the growth and reduce the size a bit, so this result was way beyond our expectations. 

As of this writing, Galyna has had 10 weekly chemo sessions, and she is doing very, very well. She hasn’t had any significant side effects to chemo and nothing outside the norm for prednisone (the steroid she is taking). We even nailed down her bedtime routine with melatonin and essential oils and she has been sleeping really well. 

Galyna should wrap up this 2nd cycle of chemotherapy on 9/17 and we already have a PET scan scheduled for the morning of 25th. If the 2nd tumor also clears up, the next step would be to switch to 1 chemotherapy every 3 weeks for the next 9 months and much lower dosage of steroids. 

As we head towards this stretch please continue praying for G. She hasn’t been eating well at all. Chemo tends to have an effect on how food tastes along with reduced appetite, so it’s a daily experiment to find things that she will eat. Galyna also currently has a bit of a running nose, so we need to make sure it doesn’t turn into a cold.